Short Stories from Fal’Rath

Happy Birthday, Nova!

This document was found in the pages of a journal belonging to Nova Fae. YEAR 922 - AGE OF EDEN Masinikry the 11th My dearest love, with heart and soul sublime, I longed to know if thou did love me so, Blatant passion’s yearning did prove my crime, Fear of unrequited...

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Kai Fae had never been to Ironwood before, and as he looked around at the sunny, timbered town, he reckoned he liked his home in Aridean much better.

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Video Logs

This Kai Fae video log is one of many short story pieces created for the Electron Blade universe. These snippets complement the larger story that will be told in the TV show, open world action RPG video game, and graphic novel.

Audio Logs

Seguri, a mysterious hooded man, begins recording a record of the true history of humanity.

Sindricus, a member of the underground, records an audio log about his life experiences.