Electron Blade
Electron Blade tells the story of a persistent sci-fi/fantasy universe, beginning with a television series and spanning video games, graphic novels, concept albums, and more.
The TV Show
The driving force behind the Electron Blade story, the TV show follows Nova, a devout follower of Eden: the God and ruler of the world. After she is chosen to be Eden’s perfect host, Nova’s world turns upside down when she learns the secret truth about the God she has given her whole life for.
The Game
The world of Fal’Rath comes to life with a AAA open world action RPG that follows a gifted individual who’s also capable of wielding the Electron Blade. The universe and world of Fal’Rath unfolds in front of this character and the player at the same time.
The Graphic Novel
The graphic novel expands the history of the Electron Blade universe, the origin of the Erodun, and the creation of Fal’Rath.


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There are two kinds of beings in the universe: the Erodun…and everything else. Eden, the highest among the Erodun, is the god of the land and the ruler of the world. Discontent with her loneliness, she created her angels of light, her fellow Erodun. Together they would fashion a beautiful universe, but all good things must come to an end. Yggdrasil, Eden’s right hand and most trusted angel, turned against her. He raged against everything she stood for. If she is light, then he would undoubtedly be the embodiment of darkness.

Many of Eden’s companions died in the fight against Yggdrasil. She once again found herself increasingly alone. After a time, she decided she would create once again, so she fashioned the world of Fal’rath and all of humankind.

Together, with her remaining angels, she would care for this new world and continue to breath life into her creations. They would worship her – their creator – and in reward for their constant faith, would receive joy everlasting.

That’s the story the Fal’Kor tells, the guiding text for all of those who follow Eden. It is the inerrant word of the creator herself, a universal truth handed down from on high.

Those who follow Yggdrasil believe the words of the Fal’Kor to be a myth, a mere fabrication. The truth lies in the deep recesses of the world of Fal’Rath, waiting to be discovered.

What Is The Electron Blade?

The Electron Blade is an ancient weapon forged by Yggdrasil himself. It is the only weapon capable of killing an Erodun.
Viewed as an omen of evil by Eden, and heralded as a symbol of victory by Yggdrasil, the Electron Blade is quite possibly one of the most dangerous and powerful weapons ever created.
The Electron Blade can only be held by the Perfect Host, a person capable of carrying the essence of the Erodun within themselves. Those who are unworthy of the Blade will regret ever attempting to wield it.


There are three primary factions that exist within the world of Fal’rath: the Regime of Eden, whose power and governance controls the entire world, the Underground resistance network of Yggdrasil who fight against everything Eden stands for, and the mysterious Forgotten Ones.

The Regime of Eden

The self-titled creator of the universe and all that exists within, Eden rules the world with an iron fist meant to control and subjugate those she views to be inferior to herself. For a time longer than is known to humankind, Eden has been the ruler of all civilization. She has a singular purpose known only to very few and every action she takes is to pursue that end.

Yggdrasil’s Underground

Once Eden’s equal and closest ally, Yggdrasil turned against her when he could no longer abide the sins she was committing in the name of the greater good.

The Forgotten Ones

The Forgotten Ones are a mysterious clan of desert-dwellers that live in the outskirts of Fal’rath, outside of Eden’s sixteen precincts. Very little is known about them other than that they are an enemy of Eden, and anyone else who would obstruct their ultimate goals.
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