Electron Blade

Electron Blade tells the story of a persistent sci-fi/fantasy universe, beginning with a television series and spanning video games, graphic novels, concept albums, and more.

The TV Show

The driving force behind the Electron Blade story, the TV show follows Nova, a devout follower of Eden: the God and ruler of the world. After she is chosen to be Eden’s perfect host, Nova’s world turns upside down when she learns the secret truth about the God she has given her whole life for.

The Game

The world of Fal’Rath comes to life with a AAA open world action RPG that follows a gifted individual who’s also capable of wielding the Electron Blade. The universe and world of Fal’Rath unfolds in front of this character and the player at the same time.

The Graphic Novel

The graphic novel expands the history of the Electron Blade universe, the origin of the Erodun, and the creation of Fal’Rath.


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Tommy Kraft and Callie Bussell, the co-creators of Electron Blade, release video blogs and update the community on the current status of the project. We answer questions as well as release new content. Curious about our journey through the development of Electron Blade? Check out our previous updates and past video blogs in our Ambry Archive! You can find the archive by hovering over ‘News’ in the NavBar at the top of your screen.

30 July 2018: Video Blog 20!

Reject Eden! Watch Video Blog 20!

23 July 2018: Video Blog 19!

Another one coming at you! By the glory of Eden, you must watch!!

16 July 2018: Video Blog 18!

At long last, we are back with a new video blog! Check it out!

30 May 2018: Janusz

Fal’Rathians, listen up! We have a new short for your viewing pleasure! Introducing: Janusz! Our latest installment gives a glimpse into the friendship between the eponymous character and Kai Fae. Watch the video to the right to see for yourself!

21 May 2018: Kai’s Video Log!

Check out Short Stories from Fal’Rath to view Kai’s Video Log now!

14 May 2018: New Patreon Video!

Rejectors, here my words! Our new Patreon video is live! See what all the buzz is about around our project and how it is picking up steam. Get a glimpse of what working on this project has been like for those involved and how Electron Blade is rapidly catching the attention of fans and investors alike! As you become enveloped in the captivating world of Fal’Rath, consider contributing to the project to help make this world part of your own by becoming a donor here: www.patreon.com/tk2films. Or, donate via PayPal in the links above!

6 May 2018: Captain Dezmond Zavari

Meet Dezmond, one of our leads in Electron Blade! Dezmond is an example of the rank you can achieve if you adhere to Eden’s love. We’re so happy to introduce the characters in this short, and we are so lucky to work with such talented actors. Be sure to keep checking back every week this month for new installments of the Electron Blade universe!


You are all amazing! Thank you for your patience with us while we bring you the latest and greatest from Electron Blade. We have taken a slight pause from releasing content as we have been hard at work preparing for our shoot, which wrapped up yesterday. It was such a good experience, and we want to thank all of the talented and wonderful people involved. To see some behind the scenes photos, check out #Cadeiux, #CadieuxStage, #ElectronBlade on Instagram and Facebook! We are so, so, so excited to finally reveal our work! Without further ado, here is our official Electron Blade trailer!

11 March 2018: Nova’s Birthday Poem is online!

Wonderful humans,

We have just posted a beautiful poem that was found in the pages of a journal belonging to Nova Fae. It gives us a glimpse into the timeless and legendary love story that is Kai & Nova. It is truly a treat for the eye to see, so do yourself a favour and give it a read! You won’t regret it!

Also, just a reminder that our other short stories can be found directly beneath it, along with our audio log and comments section! So, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, check them all out and share your thoughts!

4 March 2018: The final Chapter of Dawn of Hope has been released!

Hey Peeps,

We are so excited to share our third and final installment of the Dawn of Hope story with you delicious, seasonal, sugary, marshmallowy confections! (See above salutation)

For our new viewers, it will please you to know that you can read Chapters 1 and 2 in the tabs next to Chapter 3, as well as with Ironwood Pts 1-4 just below them.

We also have an audio log entry, to which you are welcome to take a listen, and a comments section, should you be bursting at the seems and need to share your excitement over all things Electron Blade!

25 February 2018: Check out Dawn of Hope Chapter 2!

Hiya everyone,

It pleases us to inform you that Dawn of Hope Chapter 2, is now available for your viewing pleasure!

You can read the first chapter, if you have not already, along with Ironwood Pts 1-4 directly beneath them.

Just a friendly reminder that we also have our first audio log released and a comment section, if you want to share your thoughts!

18 February 2018: Our latest short story, Dawn of Hope, is live!

We’re back, baby!

Our latest short story, Dawn of Hope, is live with the recent posting of the first chapter! We are so excited to bring to you all some more content from Fal’Rath, so feel free to give it a read!

Additionally, you’ll find Ironwood Pts 1-4 directly beneath it if you have not read or finished reading the short story.

Don’t forget to tune in to hear Sindricus Molinarian in our first Audio Blog entry directly beneath our short stories section!

Remember to leave us a message in our comments section! Your feedback is very important to us 🙂

11 February 2018: The first two Audio Logs have been released!

News from Fal’Rath!

We are taking a short breather from our Short Stories blog to introduce the first two installments in our Audio Blog! Hear what our characters have to say directly as they take you through their thoughts and experiences in all the action of Electron Blade!

It is the perfect time to read or re-read Ironwood Pts 1-4 after hearing from the mind of Sindricus Molinarian in our first Audio Blog entry.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave us a message at the bottom of our ‘Short Stories’ section. We love hearing from you wonderful people!

4 February 2018: Ironwood Part 4: A Stranger is posted!

Attention fellow Fal’Rathians!

We bring to you our latest update: the fourth chapter of Ironwood is now viewable on our Short Stories from Fal’Rath blog page!! As always, you can still view all previous chapters, and you will find that they are now organised into a nice tabbed format for your viewing convenience. Don’t forget to leave us a comment at the bottom and tell us what you think! We love hearing from you!

28 January 2018: Ironwood Part 3: Nova Fae Released!

Underground Rejectors: hear my words!

The third chapter of Ironwood is now viewable on our blog page: Short Stories From Fal’Rath!

I know what a few of you newcomers might be thinking: “PART 3?! I have not read Part 1 or 2 yet!!!!” Not to worry, we still have our previous releases, Ironwood Part 1: Kai Fae and Ironwood Part 2: An Oracle, directly below our latest post for your convenience.

Lastly, please tell us what you think! We have a new comments section active below our Short Stories section, and we would love to hear what your thoughts!

25 January 2018: Video Blog 17!

Beautiful citizens of Fal’Rath, lend me your ear!

Check our explosive first video bomb blog of the new year!! That was a reference to our latest short, and I apologise – that was a very bad pun. You caught me Calahan-ded. Ha! Okay, I’ll stop… Eden-tually… … … … Anyhow, a few quick things to keep in mind: our ‘Miniseries‘ will now be referred to as our ‘Pilot‘ from here on out, and we are now working on it in post-production full-time! Next, we plug our Short Stories from Fal’Rath, which, if you have not seen yet, you totally should! It’s the perfect Kai-nd of thing to satiate your hunger for all things Electron Blade while we work on the Pilot! We talk about the wonderful month of March and why it is special (we’re going to be back on set, and our lovely Patreon donors will be able to get their walk-on role!! – if you have not yet signed up, there is still time!). Lastly, we give a shoutout to some of our team members and share the wonderful news that we are working very diligently to ensure that our generous donors will receive their gifts very soon!

21 January 2018: Ironwood Part 2: An Oracle Is Up!

Hello devoted followers of Eden!

We have some good news, the second chapter of Ironwood is up on our blog page: Short Stories From Fal’Rath! It’s been a tormentous week of waiting, and we appreciate your patience and your wonderful support as we bring to you our latest chapter in our Ironwood series: An Oracle. 

If you have not yet seen it, Ironwood Part 1: Kai Fae, is online for your viewing pleasure.

We also have a comments section that is active, and we would love to hear what you think! Don’t be shy, we don’t bite… except Astoria… she cray.

14 January 2018: Short Stories From Fal’Rath is LIVE!!!

Hello brilliant people!

We are so excited to finally reveal to you our latest content via our new blog site: Short Stories From Fal’Rath! You can check it out our first installment, Ironwood Part 1: Kai Fae, via the NavBar at the top of the screen!

In our weekly posts, we will reveal short stories, audio logs, and video logs, so don’t forget to check us out every Sunday to keep up with the freshest updates from Fal’Rath and stay up to date with all things Electron Blade!

2 January 2018: Oh My Eden! SO MANY VIDEO BLOGS! AND CALAHAN!

Hey, everybody!

WE’RE BACK! WITH CALAHAN AND UPDATES! YAY! Check out our latest release, Calahan, on the right!

Although we have periodically released new content and video blogs via YouTube the past six months, we’re finally bringing them to our webpage. You can find our older updates by clicking our archive link above!

To start off, our summer shoot was a smashing success! We wrapped up the final scenes from our miniseries shoot in mid-August and have been busy editing, organising, writing new content to expand our world, and working with talented and enthusiastic new faces who are helping us tell our story and taking Electron Blade to the next level!

To see how we got to this point and where we’re going, check out the video blogs to the right for more information. In November’s video blog, we discuss the recently released fight short and give an update to our next short, Calahan. We are revamping our Patreon video with interviews from our actors and team members. We also give a shoutout to our good friend, Erik Ladendorf, and Benton Reid makes a cameo appearance.



There are two kinds of beings in the universe: the Erodun…and everything else. Eden, the highest among the Erodun, is the god of the land and the ruler of the world. Discontent with her loneliness, she created her angels of light, her fellow Erodun. Together they would fashion a beautiful universe, but all good things must come to an end. Yggdrasil, Eden’s right hand and most trusted angel, turned against her. He raged against everything she stood for. If she is light, then he would undoubtedly be the embodiment of darkness.

Many of Eden’s companions died in the fight against Yggdrasil. She once again found herself increasingly alone. After a time, she decided she would create once again, so she fashioned the world of Fal’rath and all of humankind.

Together, with her remaining angels, she would care for this new world and continue to breath life into her creations. They would worship her – their creator – and in reward for their constant faith, would receive joy everlasting.

That’s the story the Fal’Kor tells, the guiding text for all of those who follow Eden. It is the inerrant word of the creator herself, a universal truth handed down from on high.

Those who follow Yggdrasil believe the words of the Fal’Kor to be a myth, a mere fabrication. The truth lies in the deep recesses of the world of Fal’Rath, waiting to be discovered.

What Is The Electron Blade?

The Electron Blade is an ancient weapon forged by Yggdrasil himself. It is the only weapon capable of killing an Erodun.

Viewed as an omen of evil by Eden, and heralded as a symbol of victory by Yggdrasil, the Electron Blade is quite possibly one of the most dangerous and powerful weapons ever created.

The Electron Blade can only be held by the Perfect Host, a person capable of carrying the essence of the Erodun within themselves. Those who are unworthy of the Blade will regret ever attempting to wield it.


There are three primary factions that exist within the world of Fal’rath: the Regime of Eden, whose power and governance controls the entire world, the Underground resistance network of Yggdrasil who fight against everything Eden stands for, and the mysterious Forgotten Ones.

The Regime of Eden

The self-titled creator of the universe and all that exists within, Eden rules the world with an iron fist meant to control and subjugate those she views to be inferior to herself. For a time longer than is known to humankind, Eden has been the ruler of all civilization. She has a singular purpose known only to very few and every action she takes is to pursue that end.

Yggdrasil’s Underground

Once Eden’s equal and closest ally, Yggdrasil turned against her when he could no longer abide the sins she was committing in the name of the greater good.

The Forgotten Ones

The Forgotten Ones are a mysterious clan of desert-dwellers that live in the outskirts of Fal’rath, outside of Eden’s sixteen precincts. Very little is known about them other than that they are an enemy of Eden, and anyone else who would obstruct their ultimate goals.

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