This document was found in the pages of a journal belonging to Nova Fae.

Masinikry the 11th

My dearest love, with heart and soul sublime,
I longed to know if thou did love me so,
Blatant passion’s yearning did prove my crime,
Fear of unrequited love did bring me woe.
When all seemed lost, thou showed me thy true light,
Stricken in a lover’s magical spell,
My dark world now illuminated bright,
Our [hearts] in sync down to every last cell,
And to have won thy heart has been a coup,
So evermore shall our strong love prevail,
To stand the tests of time, our bond is true.
In me, thou can entrust to never fail.
Foes of love shall I smite as rejectors,
Ever shall I serve as thy protector!
Happy Birthday, Nov.
With all the love within me,
~ Your Kai



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